Spring House

Spring HouseThe mission of Spring House is β€œto provide hospitable and affordable accommodations for families and friends while visiting area penitentiaries.” Because friends and families must travel long distances to maintain contact with those who are incarcerated, Spring House is often described by guests as β€œa home away from home.” Cynthia Young, who became the Family Services Coordinator at Spring House in August of 2012, looks forward to welcoming you.

Spring House is experiencing its highest rate of usage in many years. To avoid disappointment please be sure to book your visit well in advance.

Spring House is scent-free and those wishing to stay should be scent-free when they arrive and remain that way for the duration of their stay. Fragrance-free products, which are available at the house for first-time visitors, include shampoo, conditioner, soap and hand lotion. If other products are required, they may be found in the “Natural Food” section of larger supermarkets or health food stores. A list of fragrance-free products is available on request. We share the air and we appreciate the co-operation of our guests to keep Spring House a scent-free, safe environment for all who wish to stay.scent free badge

Washing clothes in baking soda (1 cup per load) will help to remove fragrance from scented detergents. Use only baking soda when washing a load of clothes.

For more information about scent-free products follow this link. You can find most of these products in health food stores and in the “natural” section at the supermarket. Thanks for your cooperation.