Option 1: “50 for 50” Campaign – Recognize 50 Years of Kairos Marathons   

Acknowledge the gift of 50 years of Kairos Marathons by making a pledge of $1,000 each year for the next 3 years.  Become one of 50 donors (churches, individuals, small groups) who will raise $50,000 annually to fulfill the mission of Concilio.

Option 2: Pledge to support one Concilio ministry for three years

1 Each year, Concilio hosts eight two-day Kairos “Prison” Marathons at the Springhill Institution. Sponsor one Kairos “Prison” Marathon for $500, covering the cost for travel and meals in the prison. $500
2 Each year, Concilio organizes 4 Advent Programs in 4 federal prisons.  Sponsor one Advent Program for $250, covering the cost for food, transportation, and materials. $250
3 Each year, Concilio hosts eight Saturday Kairos “Street” Marathons held at Acadia Divinity College in Wolfville. Sponsor oneKairos “Street” Marathon for $200, covering the cost for food. $200
4 Each year, Concilio facilitates the Houses of Healing program at St. Luke’s Renewal Centre for a total of 18 men through three offerings. Sponsor two inmates for $75 each to participate in this 30-hour program. $150

Option 3: Make a one-time donation

Please make a one-time donation to support the work of Concilio Prison Ministry.  All gifts of $20 or more will receive a tax receipt.

Once you’ve chosen your option, please complete the Pledge Sheet.

To request a Presentation about Concilio Prison Ministry for your church or group, contact:

Clarence DeSchiffart – Clarence.deschiffart@acadiau.ca  or 902.599.4139.