Our Vision


Our mission is to foster and support community participation in the work of prison ministry, both inside the walls of our prisons and on the street, primarily through volunteer mobilization.


  1. To inspire prisoners to pursue personal and spiritual transformation.
  2. Integrate Concilio’s activities into the broader work of Restorative Justice within Atlantic Canada.
  3. Increase the participation of faith communities, mostly through mobilizing volunteers.
  4. Be a catalyst for community building within prison ministries in Atlantic Canada
  5. To support families affected by incarceration.


  1. Oversee St. Luke’s Renewal Centre for reflection and spiritual renewal
  2. Manage Kairos Marathon Circles – These are spiritual/therapeutic circles of support for inmates and volunteers.
  3. Actively promote cooperation among those in prison ministries through conferences, a newsletter and other forums.
  4. Inform faith communities of the work and issues of prison ministries.