Current Vision for Advent Programs


The Advent Programs provide a celebratory event leading up to Christmas, where inmates can experience the spirit of the Christmas season, receive the story of the birth of Christ, and feel a tangible reminder of God’s love through a ‘family’ of caring volunteers.


  1. To provide a relaxed, playful event that can serve as a “Christmas Day” for those who do not experience Christmas with their families.
  2. To encourage an experience of community between inmates and volunteers, through:
    • a full or partial day in the chapel, for interaction around the Advent theme
    • simple, facilitated games, songs, and stories in an atmosphere of fun and family
    • small group conversation focused on the meaning & experience of Christmas
    • a short meditation on the story of the birth of Christ and the meaning of Christmas
  3. To facilitate interaction between inmates and volunteers from the wider faith community. Through the participation of volunteers in the program, inmates experience a positive, caring relationship at an often, lonely time of year.
  4. To address the Core Values of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) such as “the dignity of individuals, the rights of all members of society and the potential for human growth and development”, and “human relationships are the cornerstone of our endeavor.”