Concilio (formerly the Christian Council for Reconciliation) was founded on the understanding that human brokenness is the root and end result of crime. This brokenness requires the active participation of the wider faith community if healing and reconciliation are to occur. Our mission is to foster and support community participation in the work of prison ministry, both inside the walls of our prisons and on the street, primarily through volunteer mobilization.

Our Goals

  • To increase the participation of faith communities in prison and prison related ministry, primarily through volunteer mobilization.
  • To promote opportunities for prisoners, both during and after incarceration, to pursue personal transformation.
  • To support families affected by incarceration.
  • To integrate our activities into the broader work of Restorative Justice.
  • To be a catalyst for community building, innovation and promotion amongst those participating in prison and prison related ministries in Atlantic Canada.

Our Objectives

  • To actively promote cooperation amongst those participating in prison and prison related ministries through conferences, a newsletter and other forums.
  • To inform faith communities of the work and issues of prison and prison related ministries.
  • To operate St. Luke’s Renewal Centre, built by CCR and located on the grounds of Springhill Institution. The purpose of this centre is to offer the inmate appropriate space for reflection and spiritual renewal as well as to provide a forum for positive interaction with community volunteers.
  • To operate Spring House. Built by CCR and located in proximity to Springhill Institution, this facility provides affordable, safe and supportive accommodations for visiting families and friends of inmates.
  • To Administer the Kairos Marathon Ministry begun in 1969 by CCR Co-Founder the Rev. Dr. Charles Taylor.

We invite interested individuals to reach out to us, donate, and spread the word about Concilio.